Sunday, May 10, 2009

Just another Halmark Holiday

Thats all today seemed to be. Another money making ploy by the retail establishments of the world. And I didn't even want or get anything material (rose bush does not count in my book as material when its for the garden.)

Yes I was told Happy Mother's Day by my husband and children, and yes I was given a miniture rose bush. But nothing else was different about today.

I don't know why after almost 14 years I would think that today should have been any different. I guess wishes die hard.

I know Jerry has been in the hospital. I am not even wanting him to have done more. But the girls are old enough that today they could have lifted a finger to have made lunch, dinner or even cleaned up after either of those.

But did they? No.

Then add to it, when I said that even though it was "my night" to clean the kitchen, I thought since it was Mothers day and that I cooked both meals today, I shouldn't even have to think about doing it, I got told that I cooked because I was impatient.

No I was hungry, and so was DJ, so someone had to cook. The only one going to do it was me. So I cooked bacon, sausage, and eggs for brunch. Mid afternoon, I did dishes and cleaned up because no one else had. Then later on I grilled corn, hamburgers and hot dogs for supper. And after that, guess who cleaned the kitchen! Yup, me!

Needless to say I ended up doing the kitchen, and the laundry, plus had to yell and scream to get the girls to do their chores for the day. I even had to run DJ's bath, plus turn off the water, because even though I was doing other things, noone else could do it. They were "busy". Oh and when I told a certain 16 year old to go do her chores, she tried using the excuse that she cleaned the bathroom the other night. When it wasnt her night, because Grandma was coming over.

In reality she did the bathrooms the other night/day because when I found out that Grandma was coming I called and told her she needed to work on the house before getting ready for prom, or else she was going to be up early Saturday.

I am feeling very unappreciated tonight. So thank you Halmark and all the other retail outfits in the world that have hyped up Mother's Day to grand extremes, that leave those of us that do not get treated extra special on today, feeling like crap.
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