Thursday, May 14, 2009

Jerry is on his way home

I just talked to Jerry. They are on their way home.
First thing is Jerrys surgery for the esphogus repair and hietal hernia repair is scheduled for June 12th.
The doctor ran a bunch of tests today, and agrees that there is something going on beyond what the doctors here have said.
The doctor ran a bunch of tests today, and has scheduled a bunch more for June.  He told Jerry that if his potassium is below a 3.3 they can not, will not do the surgery, because there is a study that if it is below that and you are under general anthesia and they loose your heart beat, they can not bring you back.
Jerry right now has appointments for more tests starting on the 4th of June, then the 5th and the 8th, preop the 11th. He is going to see if they can move the tests all to the week of the 8th when he talks to the nurse tomorrow, as he isn't sure the air force will go for paying for him/us to go down the 3rd, stay 2 nights come home the 5th, go back down the 7th, come home the 8th, go back down the 10th etc. But he also doesnt think they will pay for him/us to go down and stay down there the whole time. I guess he needs to talk to his case manager about it all. Hopefully she can get the kids and I put on his orders for all of us to go down for the surgery and all of the tests.
Thats what I got out of Jerry on the phone, hopefully I will understand more when they get home.
Patty Cleveland
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