Thursday, May 07, 2009

Jerry is back in the hospital

For low potassium, again.

I am not sure this time if it is because it was dropping like always, or if it was because he has been sick for the last 2 days and that made it drop.

While I was with DJ in Atlanta at the Puppetry Arts Center one of Jerry's friends from on the base called and said that she was running him to the ER. I guess the doctors told him to go, but it wasn't low enough that they wanted to call the ambulance (thank goodness), but when he ran into Cathy, she decided that he needed to be driven, and not drive himself.

Oh and get this! Jerry has an appointment at the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville next week. HA a week too late it looks like! Not that that appointment is for his potassium, its for his hietial hernia, but since the doctors are supposed to be the best in the land, one would hope that when they see these results in his records they might take the initative to do something about it! Then again Jerry probably will have to postpone that appointment because we STILL have not gotten the money from our trip to Texas, you know the one 6 weeks ago?


When we got back from Atlanta I called and talked to Jerry at the ER and he said they are keeping him overnight to run potassium in, but he didn't want me to drive in and miss Natalie's band concert/band awards. I told him to call if he needs anything and I can go in, plus I already told Dr. S at school that he is in the hospital so if I need to take off tomorrow I can (I shouldn't have to, but you never know!)

Now if I can just keep the house from falling apart around us while he is gone it will be good! Yesterday it was the hot water heater taking a crap, the air conditioning still is not working, and the rent check that Jerry's mom sent for us last month still is not there. Thank goodness for my friend Sherri's hubby, he came over and helped Jerry get the hot water heater fixed! Too bad finding the check in the postal system is not that easy!
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