Friday, May 29, 2009

To the driver of the chicken feed truck...

That was going 60+ miles an hour down Riverside Drive in Macon tonight at about 6:45....

I am very thankful that my husband was heads up and paying attention to you as you drove towards the interstate coming from the east going well above the speed limit.

I am thankful that my husband was paying attention to the fact that you, sir, had not slowed one single bit as you came down the hill.

I am thankful that everyone around us was also heads up and paying attention to the fact that you were barreling towards the intersection at at least 60 miles per hour. So that no one else went into the other turn lane and went around us, to get hit.

Because God knows that you were not paying one lick of attention as you were speeding past The Shoppes at River Crossing!

You sir, need your license removed and to never be allowed to drive on the streets of the United States ever again!

I want to know what you were thinking as you were driving through a busy part of Macon going at least 20 miles over the speed limit in a big rig!

How do I know you were going at least that fast?

We had a green arrow to turn left into the Shoppes At River Crossing. Jerry started to turn then stopped, we both saw you barreling down the hill and I said to Jerry, "He's not going to stop is he?"

Jerry said nope.

and about that time you must have stopped talking on the phone or what ever it was that was keeping you from driving safely. Because you slammed on your brakes, locking up the tires, and nearly jack knifing your truck coming straight at us, and the Mustang behind us.

You must have skidded a good 100 feet before you realized that we were not pulling out in front of you to turn, and that we, unlike you were paying attention to the vehicles around us.

You then let off the brakes, actually saving the day, by being able to keep the truck from jack knifing and rolling over us (of course Jerry and the Mustang behind us were already starting evasive manuvers and getting over to the right lanes to hopefully avoid your rolling truck.)

If I close my eyes right now, I still see your truck barreling towards us.

I see your truck starting to loose control.

I can see the trailer rolling out of control and killing me and my family.

I can see if Jerry had gone on the green arrow, your truck slamming into the passenger side of our Trailblazer and killing us all.

I am going to have nightmares about it, I know I am. I am going to have nightmares about what if Kelsey had been driving, she would have pulled out, because she had a green light.

Or what if I had been driving (never thought I would be glad that I had a pina colda with dinner and let Jerry drive.), but what if I had been driving and had been not watching you come down the hill.

Or what if Kelsey and/or Natalie had gone to Macon to the mall with one of their friends? And they pulled out on the green light.

I have pictured those things for the last 3 1/2 hours, so I know that I will have nightmares about it tonight.

I can only thank god that Jerry saw you coming, way to fast for that road, and knew that you would not stop.

I can only thank god, that he stopped our Trailblazer from pulling out in front of you, because we had the green light, and by all rights should have gone.

I can only hope that you realized that your actions almost cost the lives of a family.

I can only hope that you stopped doing what ever it was that you were doing that caused you to run that red light at 60 miles per hour.

I can only hope that you did not kill anyone else on your way home this evening, all because you felt the need to use exessive speed on a main road in Macon tonight.

Be glad, be very glad that it all happened to fast for me to get your license plate (oh wait you were still speeding when you ran the red light!) Because I would have reported you if I could have gotten it!
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