Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Special Prayer/Postitive thoughts request for the Dr.s and specialists at the Mayo Clinic

Please join me in a special prayer (or positive thoughts, depending on your belief system) tonight and tomorrow morning for the Doctors and Specialists at the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville Florida.

Please pray that they will not just take a cursory look at Jerry, and tell him to take his medication more regularly.

Please pray that they will not just look at the records of what the doctors here in Georgia have done, and decide that the doctors here, while not having any answers for why his potassium, and iron levels are shot, are on the right path of treatment.

Please pray that the doctors and specialists will not just choose to tell Jerry that all of his problems are because he has missed appointments when he has been too sick to his stomach, or been passed out from the low potassium levels. Thereby telling him that if he just makes it to all of his appointments he will get better faster (I know he needs to go to his appointments, I am not saying he doesn't, but the doctor in Texas made it sound like his missing appointments was why he is still getting so sick on a fairly regular basis.)

Please pray that the Doctors at the Mayo Clinic will actually run their own tests on Jerry, blood, MRI's, CT scans, Ultrasounds, Endoscopes, Colonoscopies, etc to find the reasons for his health issues. Even though he is only there for "one" medical reason (his hietal hernia and his esophagus being too short for the surgeons here to even consider doing the procedure on their own.)

Please pray that the Dr. and specialists will see his potassium and magnesium levels constantly dropping as a major problem.

Please pray that the doctor and specialists that he sees tomorrow will examine him more thoroughly than: look in his eyes, ears, nose and throat, listen to his chest in 5 places, and poke at his legs twice. In an attempt to really "see" what his problems are.

Please pray that Jerry and his mom have the strength and the wisdom to speak out to the doctors and the specialists about the health issues that Jerry has had over the last 13 months, and to ask that they can check him out more thoroughly.

Please pray that the doctors and specialists have the wisdom and the foresight to try to find the reasons behind the problems that Jerry has these problems.

Please pray for my sanity over the next 18 hours as I wait to hear what the doctors have to say, how they decide tomorrow to treat Jerry. Give me the strength to be able to keep all of the many irons in the fire that I have going on with the kids, as a "single" parent for a few days, and the end of the year school stuff.

Please pray for the kids as we go through this roller coaster ride once again. Give them the strength to handle having Jerry away for a couple of days, and the strength to handle the end of the year at school with all that is going on.

Please pray for my students, that they have the courage and the postitive attitudes that make them the great students that they are. That they do not get too much spring fever these last few weeks of school so that I can handle them with everything else going on at home.

Thank you!

A lot rides on Jerry's appointment tomorrow. I can not help but hope that since he is going to see what are called the best of the best in the medical field that these doctors will give us answers.

If these doctors run their own tests and their own protocol, I will accept what ever they tell us is going on.

If they run their own tests and they say that his low potassium levels are just because he drank for too many years and his kidneys are paying the price now, I will believe them. The only reason I don't think that this could be the only thing going on is from what I have read, and found his potassium would not be the only thing affected by this. I have a hard time with this reasoning from the doctors here, as his potassium dropping dangerously low is a fairly new problem, always before it has been his iron levels and internal bleeding. Yes, almost every time they have put him in the hospital they have ended up giving him potassium, but that has never up until recently been the REASON for his hospitalization.

I am once again hoping for someone to put Jerry into a strange hospital, many miles away from home. Which sounds strange, and awful of me. But I know that the only way that we will get answers is if someone new stops and takes a look at what all is going on with Jerry medically, and takes charge of his care. I know that we need a team of doctors that will all work closely together to take a look at Jerry's case, and see what they can figure out is going on. I am tired of the right hand not talking to the left hand because they don't work together, and they think that the other one will read the chart (they never do).

I can live with Jerry being in the hospital, or under medical care in Florida while we are here in Georgia, if that means we will get some answers, even if they are answers that will be hard to hear. I know what the worst case scenario is, and its not pretty, but these doctors here in Georgia haven't even checked for that case.
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