Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Jerry's appointment is postponed to Thursday with a different doctor...

Jerry got a phone call this morning. The doctor that he was supposed to go see, the "top" doctor in the country, has had an emergency and is not seeing patients tomorrow.
The nurse gave Jerry the choice between waiting and seeing that doctor June 10th, or going and seeing one of his associates on Thursday.
Jerry wisely chose to go see the associate on Thursday, with the understanding that the "top" doctor will still review his case and be in on the decision making process.
I am not sure if Jerry and his mom will still leave today, or if they will leave tomorrow. Jerry had an appointment at 1 on base, and then was to meet his mom at the house. He was going to see what she wanted to do, because of course by the time he got the call about the change in plans she was already on her way here.
I am kind of jealous though, because the hotel where they will probably stay is on the Navy base, and it is mere feet from the beach. My principal and her husband go to the Mayo Clinic there and thats where they stay. She said that next time he goes I need to go with him, just for the beach access. ;)
Right now I am glad that I hadn't planned on going since it would have meant a change with subs and what not.

Patty Cleveland
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