Saturday, May 16, 2009

Twiggs County Relay for Life prior to the walk

Friday afternoon as we left school to get ready for the Relay For Life, the skies looked like this:

We had lighting, hail and high winds for a good hour after school.
Then just as the kids and I got to the High School track, the sun began to make its appearance again: I found Kennedy's luminara bag, a bit damp.

But they replaced them all by the time the ceremony started (of course with DJ in tow, I had a hard time finding it when it was lit!)

The girls (Natalie and Ashley) were worried that we wouldn't get to walk:

DJ, Ryan and Ryan's little sister decided to get in a quick train ride before the rain came back, just in case!

The team forged ahead with decorating the campsite.

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The sun started shining a bit brighter and DJ was mad excited.
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So he had to go down the giant bouncy slide.
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And ride in the train again with Ryan, and again, and again, and again! ;)
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The team waited patiently for the start of the walk.
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Got busy cooking and selling food and drinks
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And then we got to WALK!

More pictures to come tomorrow!

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