Thursday, May 14, 2009

Jon and Kate Plus..... Who cares?

This is literally the first bit of news that I have actually broke down and watched about Jon and Kate's problems. I admit it, when we had cable (or tv for that matter) I watched the show. I liked the show, the little kids are about the same age as DJ so it was interesting for me to see how someone would do it times 6. But I mean really people, do they deserve this much attention over a possible affair? I know they opened up their lives to the world by doing this show. But do they lose their right to have marital problems and keeping those marital problems between themselves by doing the show? I can't help but feel sorry, not for Jon or Kate, because they are the ones with the problem, they are the ones that need to sort it out. I feel sorry for those 8 babies, who will have to grow up knowing that their mom and dad's problems were displayed for the whole world to watch.

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