Sunday, June 01, 2008

I hate Walmart

I went to our local Walmart Friday afternoon to cash my subsitute check, before I had to go to work at Lowes.

Walking up to the Money Center I noticed that the line was 8 people long. However, I also noticed that there were 3 customer service people in the Money Center, I assumed that the wait would go smoothly.

Well you know what they say about assumptions!

The first woman, was busy helping a customer figure out the copy machine, and when they could not figure it out she looked at the woman behind the counter, and said I give up, you will have to do it.

The second woman was busy tying balloons to every post in the money center, and ignoring the line that was getting longer by the minute, so that she could make the area look pretty for their special shingdig that they had to promote the money center.

The third woman, who ALWAYS works the money center, was her typical witchy self. Gossiping with the other two about fellow co-workers. Gossiping with the customer that she was helping at the time, because obviously this is a close personal friend that she has known for 20+ years, and ignoring the fact that after I had stood in line for 15 minutes she was still serving the same customer.

I gave up after 15 minutes in line, with the first two women leaving the money center, and the third woman still helping the same person as when I walked in the door. There were 4 new people in line behind me, that were happy to see me leave.

I really do not think that there is a need for all of the customers to hear who got knocked up in the neighborhood, who is sleeping with whom, who is divorcing whom, or any of the other nonsense that this woman was LOUDLY proclaiming. Especially not on a Friday night, when people are just trying to cash their paychecks so they can go buy groceries.

Talk about customer service that is lacking!
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