Sunday, March 18, 2012

Feeling Safe

Feeling Safe
Author: Joseph Sandoval
When I was kid we lived out in the ountry Well it wasn't really the country, but it wasn't a neighborhood either. We lived on a street where our nearest neighbors house was about 300 ft from ours. The area behind our house was wooded, so it felt semi-seclusive. I remember on night when we came home from church and found out our house been broken into. The thieves went around to the back of the house so that they could break in without being seen. I have always been nervous about that happening to me and my family. I feel much safer now however with my new home security Brooklyn system. I don't want my children to have to through the feeling of having someone break into your house. I remember as a kid it made me feel unsafe and as if my privacy had been violated somehow. Of course as a kid I could not understand those feelings to anyone. It has only since if have become an adult I have learned the to deal with it.

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