Wednesday, March 28, 2012

#mamavation #2weekchallenge @mrbookieboo Day 10

Today was a great day! My alarm went off at 445 this morning and I went to hit snooze and the dogs started barking so I took that as a sign from above that I really did need to get up and get out walking!

I left the house at 5am and walked around the block, 9,118 steps by 6:10 am. :-)

Then at recess I walked a couple of laps with my students. I love that they are asking every day now if we are walking. :-)

When we got home DJ and I walked around the "short" block (as DJ calls it) or 1.6 miles.

Plus I just spent 30 minutes doing weights at the gym.

Final step count: 18,763.

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