Monday, March 26, 2012

Jeffersonville Elementary School Presents Math and Science Night

Jeffersonville Elementary School put on a Math and Science Night Thursday March 22nd. The students, parents and teachers were treated to Science experiments, and Mat games. 

This is the Floating M&M experiment. The experiment shows the colors of the candy dissolving and going away, but also the fact that the little M on each candy is made of edible wax and will not dissolve. The M will actually float away from the candy.

 Two students working on Geometry problems on the Math side of the room
 The Potato and Hydrogen Peroxide experiment. Showing students that the bubbles formed from Hydrogen Peroxide are not because there are germs, but because of the enzyme catalase.

 The saliva experiment with crackers.

 Making duck calls out of straws, showing how vibration works to make sound.

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