Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Mrs. Cleveland attends the WHTweetup

Mrs. C's White House Adventure #WHTweetup

On March 14th, 2012, I along with about 50 other active tweeps, was invited to attend the Official Welcome Ceremony for the State Visit of David Cameron and his wife Samantha. We were also invited to the Eisenhower Building for a briefing by White House Officials. These are my tweets of the events
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    7000 people on @whitehouse South Lawn to watch President Obama welcome the Prime Minister. #CameroninUS #WHtweetup
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    Exciting day today #WHTweetup #atthewh plus it's Pi day. Must eat Pi for dessert :-)
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    #whtweetup we are #Atthewh Holy smokes :-) Mrs. C
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    Just met @Petershankman #whtweetup #atthewh Mrs. C
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    President's band playing god bless america goose bumps #whtweetup #atthewh Mrs. C
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    Vp BIden Has arrived along wit sec state clinton #whtweetup #atthewh Mrs. C
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    President Obama Introduced prime minister cameron to brackettology Last night #whtweetup #atthewh Mrs. C
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    The president makes jokes about two hundred years ago when the british came to the white house and burned it. #atthewh #whtweetup Mrs. C
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    Prime minister cameron returns the joke about his ancestors burning the white house 200 Years ago saying the wh is more protected Mrs. C
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    Official welcome ceremony is over now to briefing #whtweetup #atthewh Mrs. C
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    Nerd alert just saw downton Abbey mom Mrs. C
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    Press conference to be held in the rose garden later today. Two and two where they take two questions from our press then two from their
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    The white house is well aware of changing mediums for involving the people. #whtweetup Mrs. C
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    The balance between personal interest tweets and official tweets is a find line for white house staff #whtweetup Mrs. C
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    Will be hearing from @Pfieiffer44 @macon44 @joncarson44 brian deese caitlin hayden and james barbour Questions? Tweet me #whtweetup Mrs. C
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    Gas prices is a buzz word right now. #whtweetup Mrs. C
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    We now create more local mit than use foreign oil currently #whtweetup Mrs. C
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    Now speaking caitlin hayden deputy national security council spokesperson #whtweetup Mrs. C
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    This is only the sixth major state visit of this administration #whtweetup Mrs. C
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    Iran looks to be a big topic today between president and prime minister #whtweetup Mrs. C
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    James barbour press sec for british embassy up now #whtweetup Mrs. C
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    British now have a virtual embassy in iran #whtweetup Mrs. C
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    Online petitions at we the people at a certain number of signatures have to be looked at by the administration #whtweetup Mrs. C
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    There are multiple people in multiple places checking social media for the hot button issues #whtweetup Mrs. C
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    Erin lindsey Office of digital strategy speaking on the online petition site we the people. #whtweetup Mrs. C
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    At 25000 Signatures the administrators will respond on we the people petitions #whtweetup Mrs. C
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    86 We the people petitions have been at The thresh hold and have been responded to #whtweetup Mrs. C
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    Up next brian Deese Deputy director of the national economic council #whtweetup Mrs. C
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    Almost four million jobs created in private sector since 2009 #Whtweetup Mrs. C
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    #40$ Was very significant to getting payroll tax cut extended. #whtweetup the power of tweets Mrs. C
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    difficult decisions that are not popular but get the job done are being done every day by the administration #whtweetup Mrs. C
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    Recovery act has done economically what it was designed to do. #whtweetup Mrs. C
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    Health care plan is designed to help the economy rising health care costs negatively impact the economy #whtweetup Mrs. C
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    Financial rescue repayment is happening steadily #whtweetup Mrs. C
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    Tweeting in spanish happening #whtweetup Mrs. C
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    Labor force is the people working and those looking for work. #whtweetup Mrs. C
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    People have started looking for jobs again rejoining the labor force causing unemployment numbers to fluctuate artificaly #whtweetup
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    Gas prices there are no quick solutions to fix the problem. #whtweetup Mrs. C
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    Up next @macon44 Mrs. C
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    White house is reaching out to the community for an open communication outreach #whtweetup Mrs. C
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    Office of public engagement involves groups in policy Mrs. C
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    http://Momsrising.Org #whtweetup Mrs. C
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    The american people under estimate the power that individuals have via twitter #whtweetup Mrs. C
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    #40Dollars was the first twitter based movement and the media took the tweets and turned our story into the policy story successfully
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    Empowering americans to take part in the government #whtweetup Mrs. C
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    Left #whtweetup and run into motorcade lol Mrs. C

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