Wednesday, March 07, 2012

JES 4th Grade Making Idioms Come To Life Project Part One

In fourth grade one of our standards is understanding figurative language, including idioms. To help my students better understand what an idiom is and how they are used I assign this project:
Making Idioms Come to Life Project

Many idioms, if taken LITERALLY, create truly humorous images. Could you picture a storm where it was literally (actually) “raining cats and dogs” or a person who was truly “two faced”? In this activity, you will create “literal” descriptions out of idioms.
What you are to do:
1. Choose an idiom that you would like to illustrate.
2. Decide how you want to illustrate your idiom, you may choose one of the following: a. poster, b. cartoon or c. diorama

3. On one half of your project, draw your illustration for your idiom. DO NOT write the idiom on the front of your illustration!

4. On the second half of your illustration draw the “translation” of your idiom. For example if you choose the idiom Ants in your pants, on one half you may choose to draw a child who has ants crawling in and out of their pants. On the other half of the illustration you will draw a child that can not seem to sit still.

5. Write your idiom on the back of your illustration, the whole point of this project is to get people to guess which idiom you are.

 Project due: March 7, 2012

SOME Suggested Idioms

All ears/thumbs
At the end of your rope
Bit off more than you can chew
Bite the hand that feeds you
Butterflies in your stomach
Climb the walls
Cost an arm and a leg
Drive you up the wall
Eat your words
Eyes in the back of your head
Get a kick out of something
Green thumb
Hold your tongue
Lose your head
On Pins and Needles
Open a can of worms
Pay through the nose
Pulling your leg
Pull yourself together
Run circles around someone
Scream your lungs out
Sweep you off your feet
Wild-goose chase
Finding a needle in a haystack
A blessing in disguise
A dime a dozen

 I wanted to share some of the projects and see if you could come up with what idiom they were representing.

Here are the answers:
1. Costs an arm and a leg
2. Eyes in the back of your head
3. Opening a can of worms. 
4. Raining cats and dogs
5. Tempest in a teapot
6. Driving me up a wall
7. Pulling my leg
8. Needle in a haystack
9. Can't have your cake and eat it to

How many of them did you get right?
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