Sunday, March 25, 2012

#WHTweetup After the Official Ceremony, on to the briefing with @macon44 @ks44 @jamesbarbour et. all

Once the Official Welcome Ceremony was over, and all of the VIP people left the South Lawn of the White House, it was time to move on. 
But first, a few more pictures of the grounds. 
Looking up one more time at the "Blue Room" 
 The East Wing, where the next day I would have my brush with the First Family, as in the First Dog, Bo.
 Being silly and taking a picture upside down as we were walking off.
 Holy Guns! Of both sorts.... :-) (Inside joke)

 After the ceremony we walked over to the Eisenhower Building for our briefing with several administration officials.

First up was Dan Pfieffer, Director of Communications for the White House

Then we had Caitilyn Hayden, and James Barbour. James is the Press Secretary for the British Embassy in Washington DC. Caitilyn is the Deputy Director of National Security. 

 This is Kori, she is the one that put the Tweetup together for all of us.
 Brian Deese Deputy Director of the National Economic Council, he can make the most complicated economic information sound simple. I really did understand more about the decisions that have been made by this administration, and even just economics in general after he was done!
 Macon Phillips is the Director of Digital Strategy, and another key player in getting Tweetups to happen. He also works with the We The People site.
 Jon Carson, Director of the Office for Public Engagement. Jon is the one in charge of making sure that our voices are heard.
After leaving the White House/Eisenhower Building, I didn't make it too far when I couldn't cross a road because of the motorcade. :-) 

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