Saturday, March 24, 2012

#WHTweetup Part Two Mrs. Cleveland Goes to the Official White House Welcoming Ceremony for the Prime Minister from the United Kingdom

On March 14th, 2012, I along with about 50 other members of the social media site Twitter, was invited to the White House to attend the Official Welcoming Ceremony for Prime Minister David Cameron of the United Kingdom. These are my pictures from the actual ceremony. 

Our first sight of the President and the First Lady, as they walked out of the White House. 
 The President and First Lady await the arrival of Prime Minister Cameron and Mrs. Cameron.
President Obama walking with Prime Minister Cameron to the podium. 

President Obama and Prime Minister Cameron arriving on the stage for the national anthems of both countries. There is something unbelievable about the power of listening to these two songs on the South Lawn of the White House, in the presence of the President. I had goose bumps. Plus the memories of living in the United Kingdom and hearing the two national anthems being played each night. 

President Obama and Prime Minister Cameron conducting the Troops review.

President Obama watching the performance. 

President Obama giving his welcoming remarks. At one point President Obama referenced the first time the British came to the White House 200 years ago. President Obama said that they really "Lit the place up" (War of 1812, the British burned both the Capitol Building, and the White House). 

Prime Minister Cameron giving his remarks. The Prime Minister played off of President Obama's jokes, saying that he noticed "White House security has greatly improved" since his ancestors first came to the White House 200 years ago. 

Both President Obama and Prime Minister Cameron talked a great deal about all of the alliances  between our two countries. President Obama steered clear of most topics that are hot button topics for the Presidential Campaign.

From left to right: Samantha Cameron, First Lady Michelle Obama (looking very chic as always), Prime Minister Cameron, and President Obama.

Being invited to, and attending this event were truly once in a lifetime experiences. No matter if I agree with the President or not, the opportunity to attend is something that I will never ever forget, and something that I will remember for as long as I shall live. 
The pageantry, pomp and circumstance, and atmosphere made the event were such that I had goose bumps from the moment the band started playing until well after the President, First Lady, Prime Minister, and Mrs. Cameron entered the White House to sign the official guest register. 

There were a few things that could have made the experience just a few better. I know that I have been very spoiled with my experiences with the NASATweetup and SpaceCampTweetup. The main thing I would have changed would have been for our Tweetup group to have had an assigned space to stand at the event itself, where we would not have been jockeying for space, and views with the other 6,950 people that were invited. I was able to see through my camera, and get some very nice pictures, however some of my fellow tweeps, were not. 
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