Thursday, March 29, 2012

#mamavation #2weekchallenge Day 10 @mrbookieboo

First the exciting news! I grabbed a pair of pants to put on this morning, knowing that they were my "fat" pants, you know the pair, we all have them, the ones that you put on when you are just feeling really heavy and blah! Well when I started this whole fitness thing not quite a month ago, these pants were baggy, probably could wear a belt, but I didn't have to. Today? They practically fell off! BOOYAH!!! That put a smile on my face. I know that they are not a really good guide since they were already my baggy pair, but still it made me feel good, which was especially nice since this morning I didn't go walking due to waking up with an elephant sitting on my sinuses. ;-) I made up for it though.

Total for the day: 17818 steps, which included a 3.6 mile walk with Jerry around the block, and 2 miles on the treadmill at the gym.


35 minutes of weight training focusing on legs at the gym.

Every day I am feeling stronger, every day my walks feel shorter even though they stay the same. :-)

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