Tuesday, March 27, 2012

FILA Skele-Toes Disappointment @filatoning @dswshoelovers

When I decided to get back on the fitness wagon, I went to DSW in Macon at the Shoppes at River Crossing to look for a pair of athletic shoes.

DSW  had FILA Skele-toes, and since my mother in law loves her Vibram FiveFingers, (which Dick's did not have in stock in my size) I thought I would try on the Skele-toes.

From the first time I tried them on, I really liked them.

I literally have worn them every day since I bought them. I wore them the entire time I was in Washington DC, and for the last 2 weeks at school (dress down days), as well as at the gym and walking. Every time anyone noticed my shoes and asked me about them, I BRAGGED on them. I told so many people how comfortable they were, how I could walk in dirt, grass, the road, gravel, you name it and had no problems. I had strangers in DC ask me about them, and I told them how good they were.

Yesterday I put on my shoes and noticed that I could literally feel the grass between my toes. My shoes at less than a month old have holes in the big toes! See:

I know that last week I walked about 45 miles, at least according to my pedometer. But this is ridiculous, isn't it?

When I got home from work, I sent a tweet to @filatoning as well as an email to FILA asking for what I should do.

The twitter account gave me a phone number as well as the email address to contact. So I emailed them as well as the email I found on http://www.fila.com. Their response? Take my shoes back to DSW.

I called DSW in Macon yesterday before I contacted FILA and they told me that since the shoes were so worn (a month old) they wouldn't take them back and to contact the manufacturer. 

The email did say that I could mail them as well as this claim form that they emailed me, and if they determine that the shoes were defective then they would send me a new pair.

So now I am out of my shoes, I am out of my money. Until of course FILA decides that I haven't purposefully cut my shoes.... sigh I am not happy at all.
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