Sunday, March 25, 2012

#Mamavation #2weekchallenge Day 7 @mrbookieboo

Week one of the two week challenge over at is in the books! I didn't think to weigh myself at the gym tonight, so I don't know if I have lost any weight, but my endurance is a lot better than it was even a week ago, let alone 3 weeks ago when I started this journey.

Today's totals:
20,338 total steps, which includes: 5 mile walk in training for the Pat's Run, 18 minutes on the elliptical at the gym, and walking around the Mulberry Street Arts Festival.

30 minutes of chest and back weight training exercises.

My total step count for the week is: 114,048 which is about 45.5 miles if my calculations based on my 5 mile walk today are accurate. :-)

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