Saturday, December 29, 2007

2007 year in review

What a year 2007 has been for our family!
January found me having my surgery, and then a follow up surgery 2 weeks later for an infection that resulted in having a wound vac for the next 8 weeks. I returned to work on the day I was scheduled to, only to find out that Tricare would not continue to pay for home health care to come to the house if I was back at work. So February and March I spent 3 afternoons a week driving down to the base to visit with Dr. Peterson and getting my vac changed.

February: not much happened with my recovery still on going. It was hard to get out and do much with the wound vac, and I got tired easily.

March:Kelsey and I traveled the weekend before spring break to LA to Angela's bridal shower. My brother Matt surprised her by getting a gondola and coming out to the yacht during the shower (he had been in the middle east for a few months). We had a great time meeting Angela's family and friends and getting to spend time with my parents and Angela.

Then over spring break the kids and I drove down to Orlando to Seaworld and met up with a group of moms and kiddos from a message board that I joined when I was pregnant with DJ. All of the kiddos were born in July/August 2004.

April: Natalie turned 11, Kelsey turned 14.
Kelsey traveled to Orlando with her 8th grade class for 4 days of exploring Disney World and learning the ins and outs of how the theme park works.
Late April Natalie and DJ joined the YMCA youth soccer teams, that kept us busy on Wednesdays and Saturdays.
May: Trip to California for Matt and Angela's wedding! What an exciting week it was! We spent a day at Disney with Matt and Angela, a day at the San Diego Wildlife park with my mom, Angela, Meriam, Angela's mom, aunt, uncle, and Grandpa. The Thursday we spent with my mom and dad and met up with some of my dad's cousins that are from the LA area. Jerry and my grandparents, aunt and cousin flew in on Thursday night and Matt took us all out to Hooters for a late dinner. Yes we took the grandparents out to Hooters, where Grandpa got the Hooters girls to sing to Matt for getting married. Friday was spent getting prettified and then sitting in LA traffic trying to get to the resort. Saturday was the wedding, and what a great day that was. Sunday was a BBQ at Angela's parents house, and Monday was the trip from H#ll home. The normal no lines at Orange Beach Airport were 2 hours long and we missed our flight out, then the next flight was delayed due to weather, so we missed the last flight out of Atlanta to Ft. Walton Beach. The only problem with this was that Natalie was to take off at 5 the next morning for Kennedy Space Center with her class. I rented a car and took off from Atlanta, driving the 6 hours home. We got home just in time to wash a load of laundry for her, repack her bags and take her to the school. But it was worth it, she had a great time.
Misty and Jeremy came out to visit and we met them at the Block, and then later on at the Track.
June found Jerry once again in school, he started his cross-training for the Air Force with going to school in Biloxi Mississippi.
The rest of the summer was spent entertaining the kids with trips meeting Jerry half way between here and there, or him coming home.
DJ was in t-ball and had a great time once he warmed up to it each week. I think it was harder for him than soccer was, because it was not everyone playing at once.
July: DJ turned 3, we had a party at Fudpuckers in Destin on his birthday because his request for the day was to go to the Aligator place, and the BIG fish store (Bass Pro Shops). We had a party with his buddies from T-ball after his game the next day.
August: Kelsey started 9th grade at CHS, video taping for the football teams, singing in the choir, and being a teenager. Natalie started 6th grade, joining the band, playing saxophone. And mom becoming a true soccer mom, driving them here and there and everywhere. DJ started preschool in a true preschool here in town and learning a ton.
September: found me going back to work at Lowes here in town, as well as subbing every now and then.
October: Pat, Niki, and the boys moved out to Florida.
November: Jerry finally graduated from Tech school. The girls spent Thanksgiving week in Mississippi with Jerry's mom, sister and brother.
December: Crestview Christmas parade with Lowes, going away party, and several nights on the town.

Now on to the next stage in the game. Before the new year gets under way, Jerry, the kids and the dogs will be heading up to Georgia to get settled in. The movers come back on Monday and Wednesday and then I will head up and join them.

Hopefully the new year will bring us good health, and good fortune in our new place.

Happy New Year one and all. I will probably be touch and go over the next few weeks, as the internet here will be turned on in the next day or so, and while I can use any wireless it usually is too slow to do much. The process of getting a real job in Georgia will start in earnest when I get up there as well.
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