Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Republican debate today

Ok let me just start this off with a disclaimer. I am not normally someone that puts my political thoughts out there for the world to read. I tend to stay away from conversations on politics because well I tend to have strong feelings on the matter because of my life, and the way that these people have an effect on my life, moreso than they do on say the computer programers wife, or a spouse of someone that works for a big corporation. And the things that affect those people while they still affect me, do so in a different way, and I "see" some of the things that are happening in the political world in a way of how is this going to hurt my family with Jerry being in the military. So I ask you to take anything I say today on here with a grain of salt, and maybe a grain of laughing gas as well.

End of disclaimer...

There is a reason why I do not watch political debates. Quite frankly they tend to tick me off.

They tend to not ask the questions that I "care" about, you know education and military and if they do ask a question that I care about, the moderator does not give them time to answer. And with this debate in particular they didn't give the canidates time to react to each other, or for the audidence time to ask questions based on the answers that the candidates gave to the question.

Now I am the first one to say that this was the first debate that I have watched in this election cycle, and will probably be the last one I watch. Heck I don't remember the last time I watched even part of a presidental debate, but it has to have been one when Clinton (the first Clinton) was running, and that was probably because of a requirement for a poli-sci class. The only reason I watched this one was that Pat had it on, and seemed to be interested in it so I didn't request to turn the channel.

There are a couple of candidates in both parties that I "like" for their different views on things. But for me there is not one "perfect" candidate, in either party (hence why I am registered Independent, totally independent, can't vote in a primary independent). But I have to say the debate today changed my mind on a couple of the candidates and not necessarily in a good way.

For example... I have always liked Fred Thompson, not sure if it was because of the Law and Order tie in, or if it was for some of the things that I have heard him say on the different tv interviews since he "came out" in terms of running for president. But today he ticked me off...

In the debate the question about the state of education in America came up and
I am getting the following off of Fred's website:

"2:51: Next question: What’s the biggest impediment to education?

Fred declares the National Education Association is the biggest obstacle. The teachers union is stopping parents from getting more and better choices to educate their kids.

Let me remind you Mike Huckabee has been endorsed by the New Hampshire NEA.

Tancredo scolded Huckabee for trying to dictate what local schools should teach. Huckabee responded by talking about a bully pulpit.

Romney decides to tag along with Fred and also blame the NEA. "

Ok a statement like the above by Fred, is just begging for a rebuttal questions from the teacher in me. I want him to explain what the heck he means by that, and why Mr. Mitt agrees with him. I don't see the NEA as an evil entity (of course that might be because I am a member), I don't see the NEA as the problem with the education system. I see NCLB as a problem with the education system, good idea in theory but with too many fingers stirring the big pot.

Then do people not realize that Govenor Huckabee, and Mayor Rudy, are NO LONGER in office? I mean do we really need to call them Govenor and Mayor 10 years after the fact? I didn't notice the moderator calling Fred Thompson, Senator Thompson (she did call John McCain, Senator McCain, but he is still the Senator in Arizona). I know its a personal pet peeve, and I just need to deal with it.

Former Ambassador Keyes was skipped on a couple of questions, and it kept ticking him off. Which was rather funny to watch. But then I realized why she was skipping him. He kept turning every question around to being about abortion, and religion, even those distinctly not about those two topics. Plus I don't think there was a single question when he was given 30 seconds or what ever the time limit was, that he didnt go over.

And WOW Senator McCain, buddy life has not been easy on you in the last 14 years or so, since I met you. I didn't realize it until today how old looking he had gotten. I know he is the oldest candidate (or I think he is) running. Today it hit me how old, old is. But I gotta give the guy props, he still is a dynamic speaker and a pretty neat guy to listen to. He came and did a guest lecture in one of my Poli-sci classes at Arizona State back in the early 90's, and it is a toss up who I enjoyed listening to more, him or Sheriff Joe.

I would vote for McCain, if I could, just because I met him, and quite frankly he was the least annoying of the guys on the stage today.

Now I am tempted to DVR the debate tomorrow of the Democrats, just so I can compare the two. Which seems just to me. But what the heck...
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