Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Bad news, Good news, Better news

Ok I startd a post this morning wanting a skillet because the movers who were supposed to come and pack us out tomorrow and Thursday had not called to do a walk through, and when I called yesterday to check on things, they would not talk to me. So Jerry had orders to call them first thing this morning and find out what was going on. But the internet went out and then I got busy trying to get the house finished for them.

Jerry called a bit ago and said I have good news and bad news, which do you want first.
I told him the bad news, because that would make the good news seem even better.

Bad news:
The idiots at Keesler dropped the ball, again. They didn't send the moving company the paperwork until YESTERDAY! :cursing: Jerry made arrangements for the movers over a month ago! So now the movers can not come until the 27th and 28th. I have to work the 27th, or else I dont get paid for Christmas. The good side is that the movers can now move everything (washer and dryer mainly) that we were going to move ourselves so that we had them for the last 10 days or so.

ready for the good news?

Jerry found us a house! It is in contracted base housing, which means we pay utilities on it and they get our housing allowance though. But we can move in the 27th/28th (yeah he arranged that before he found out about the packers), and we can get the cable and internet set up right away. I know that the school that Kelsey will be going to is not the best in the county, but if we can get back on our feet and then sell the house here this summer we can hopefully get into a better school area over the summer.

Want the better news?

The finance people and personell people up at Robins said that Keesler should have amended Jerry's orders when he got there because the regulation that screwed us to begin with (the one that said the family had to move and that they wouldnt pay for him to live there), was changed before he actually got there back to the way it was before.

Sooooooo they are going to try to get us all of the back pay that they owe us, the money for his hotel bill, money for his food for every day, seperation pay (which I don't care about).

The guy Jerry talked to today did a rough guess and it was about $8,000 that they "owe" us. Just from his time in Mississippi.

So cross all of your crossables, pray to every being that you can pray to, because if they can pull it out it would go a LONG way in helping us out.
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