Sunday, December 23, 2007

A Northwest Florida White Christmas, AKA One last trip to the beach

Today I had the day off of work from Lowes, and from teaching, so the kids and I decided that we needed to do one last trip to the beach before we move. We do not go down there very often, I think this summer we went twice.
It rained last night, and well its December so it was cool, but we went down to the Boardwalk on Okaloosa Island and we had a good time. DJ did not want to go anywhere near the water, which is different, because last time we went he wanted to play play play. But it was all good, because we couldnt stay long, Jerry and the girls had plans on going to see the new National Treasure movie at the mall.

Living in Florida, the only way we get a white Christmas is to go to the white sand beaches. :) Maybe next Christmas there will be a white Christmas where ever we celebrate it. ;)

All of the pictures from today are here and the uploaded ones to flicker are in the following posts.

After DJ and I dropped the girls off to Jerry at the movie theater, we went on base to face the "weekend before Christmas" crowds. I was amazingly suprised. Considering that tomorrow is Christmas Eve, the BX and Commissary were not busy at all. Plus I managed to make it out of there with spending less the $200 on a few last minute gifts, and groceries for Christmas dinner. So not to bad all things considered.
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