Saturday, December 01, 2007

Christmas parade

Today is the big Christmas parade here in town. Lowes has a float this year, and I was helping with it, then the ooooaaaaaahhhhh of graduation and being out of town came up, and working like a crazy person so I didn't get a chance to actually help build it until last night. It is cool looking. :) I get to be the bouncer of the float, because if you move around too much the trailer bounces a LOT, so I got that job. :lol:
I forgot to take my camera last night, so I am irked about that. But the big kids are going to help out, walk with us and pass out candy and the toys. Niki took them up to Walmart last night and they got their Santa hats, and white sweatshirts to wear. They got me the COOLEST Santa hat, it is camo, with hunter orange. :) Kelsey's says Princess, Natalie got Reindeer ears, Will got a hunters hat that lights up, and Jack got one of the spiral one that lights up. So we should have fun. :)

There are over 150 entries into the parade. :shock: Small town America takes over Christmas. Hopefully tonight I will have lots of pictures to share. First though I have to go down to the music store in Ft. Walton and get Natalie's Saxaphone from being repaired, and to the teacher store to see if I can find a Merry Christmas banner for the float. :) Oh yeah must remind the float gods to bring the staple gun with them, when they bring the float.
Somewhere in there I want to see if I can find the time to make cookies or something to take with us to the float for all of us.
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