Monday, December 17, 2007

What makes a house a home

Today on Life Lessons of a Military Wife Veteran Military Wife poses the question, What makes a house a home?
I found this a very interesting topic, considering that we are getting ready to move and leave the very first house that we have ever called our very own. The money that we are putting into this house is all for us, not someone else. I think that this in itself makes this move doubly hard on all of us.
So I thought I would take this topic on tonight to help me remember what makes a house a home, is not the physical building that you are living in.
A home is where the heart is...
I know that this is such a cliche' but with as many moves as a military family does it is so true. A home to me is where my husband and children are, they are my heart. Be it here, or back in England, or in Georgia when we get there. We can make anything possible as long as we have eachother.
To make the house a home, it has to have a ton of family pictures every where. This is what kept my girls knowing what their extended family consisted of during our 8 years in the UK. Plus it reminds me on a daily basis of the fun that we have had living in the places that we have lived in. I have a wall dedicated to our family, a wall dedicated to our time in England, and I have pictures of all of our extended "family" (former students, friends etc) all over the house.
To make a house a home, having special momentos every where. We have paperweights from my grandmother's collection, and some of her furniture. These things remind me of all of the good times, and make me feel closer to her.
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