Friday, December 14, 2007

Crestview High School Choir Concert

Last night was Kelsey's Christmas concert for the choir at the high school. Kelsey's chorus instructor really takes things to the "next" level. And by "next" I do not really mean "better" level. Each of his 5 choirs had 4 songs to sing, plus then they all had 2 songs at the end of the night. We are talking a high school choir concert that was an hour and fourty five minutes long. On a school night, where when the kids were tired today, he was probably the first one to chastise them for not getting enough sleep (he has done it on Tuesdays after a light night practice the night before).

There are several of the girls that are in 3 of the choirs, I am sure by the end of the night they were sore. 2 of the choirs dance to each of the songs, which would be cute, if he could get them to be at least a little in sync, but they were all over the place tonight (the first concert this fall when they were in street clothes was much better.)

Don't get me wrong I am all for the fine arts, I was active in Chorus, Band and Handbells in high school, and Handbells through college and beyond for a while. I have encouraged both of the girls to get involved in band, choir, drama, ballroom dancing, whatever their heart desires that we have the time and money for them to be involved in.

But for all of the practicing after school hours that is done for these choirs, I did not personally see the results of the hours that these kids put in. It was a major letdown in my eyes. The first 2 songs of each group, were definately their strongest, the last two of each group could have been left out and the concert would have been wonderful.

Then you add in that I had a preschooler in attendance with me. DJ insisted on going with me, and I know, I know that I should have realized how long the concert was going to be, and left him at home with Jerry and Natalie (but I was hoping that they would follow us up there). Then again who was I to think that the concert would last that long? None of the concerts I was in, in high school, ever lasted that long, heck for that matter none of the concerts I was in, in college, lasted that long if it was a proper concert and not a Madrigical dinner (those lasted 3 or 4 hours depending on the year).

I was smart though and when I paid ($7) for DJ and my tickets (yes I was charged for my three year old that sat on my lap), I asked for the last row of seats so that if/when DJ got restless I could take him out with little fuss. All the time hoping that since I paid to attend the concert that he would sit and listen.
DJ did great for the first two groups singing. He listened and danced in our seats. Then the men's choir went up, and well it all went down hill from there. He wanted to sit with Kelsey who was sitting behind and to the left of us, which was fine, because he was still quiet when going between the two rows (I was on an end and so was she). However once Kelsey's choir went up, he wanted to follow her.
Then he would not sit in our seats and watch.
Needless to say we went out to the lobby of the auditorium and listened to the rest of the concert through the doors, watching through the crack in between the two doors.
For any of you that were there, we were not the culprits of the banging doors, except once between groups when I was trying to see if DJ would go back in and watch the rest of the concert. The culprits of the banging doors, were also responsible for trying to go out the side doors that were locked, and hitting it when they could not get it to open. So no blaming it on the preschool child.
Ok now for a couple of pictures
DJ just being DJ
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Woman's choir
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Can you see Kelsey?
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There she is
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