Monday, December 31, 2007

Moving progress update #1

Well step one in the misadventures of moving the Cleveland clan to Georgia is complete.
Jerry, the kids, and Roo left today about 10 am for Georgia with the Trailblazer and trailer. Jerry called and left a message about 630 saying they had made it, stopped by the house dropped things off and were at Walmart picking up milk and such. I didn't get to talk to him because when I was sorting out the wires to the modem and such the phone came unplugged and I didn't realize it until it was getting late and I started worrying about them.
They got off to a late start today because when Jerry was working on the lights for the trailer yesterday afternoon he blew a fuse for the running lights of the trailer, and it was getting dark when he did it so he could not see it to fix it until this morning. Once he changed that out they were off.
The original (well about plan x or so really) plan was for them to take both of the dogs with them, and I would travel with just the birds. But Nik pointed out how squashed Tigger was going to be, if he went with them. So Tigger will travel with me and the birds. Right now he is in old dog heaven, getting spoiled by all of us left here. The first hour or so he wandered the house looking for the kids and the dogs, but once he realized that they were really gone and not about to jump out around a corner at him he has been enjoying himself I think. I am sure that he will be excited to see Roo and his Humans when we get to Georgia later in the week though.
William was a great help today getting everything sorted out some more. We worked in the garage, kitchen, and my room for about 3 hours I think sorting more, and throwing things away, can we say purge? I got rid of a bunch of my teacher stuff that I have had since college, that I haven't touched other than to move since college. I figure two trips across the ocean and three between houses (one each time here at Eglin, and once at the Heath) was enough, with me not using them. (now watch I will regret it, or I can hope at least that I get a job where I think, wow I wish I still had x,y or z that I just threw away). Then I went into the girls room and went through a lot of their clothes. I know that I told them to go through their clothes a while ago and to get rid of anything that was stained or did not fit, but I swear that I got rid of 4 big bin bags of clothes tonight, and probably could get rid of a bunch more if I had tried, or had them with me to make them try things on. Plus William helped me get the boxes that the movers packed last week when they were here into the dining room. They were in the way and driving me crazy. I couldn't see my floor in my bedroom because of the boxes, plus I couldn't get to the bathroom from one side of the room without going over the bed. Then there were boxes that they left in the hall between the living room and kitchen, and boxes in the living room. They were every where! I swear I hate military movers. I finished packing the one box that they left, just to get it out of the way. I can't wait to open the boxes when they get to Georgia, and see what got packed in what box.
The garbage men will probably hate me when they come to do the bulk pick up later this week. But that is what they get paid to do, isn't it? Plus it is for the most part in Bin Bags, or boxes so it should make it easy for them. The only thing that I know right now that needs to still go out there is the dresser/wardrobe that Baby is sitting on, and I wont have Pat or William help me get that out until the last possible minute, so that she has a place to sit, that isn't the bedroom or bathroom floor.
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