Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Run for the innocent

I found out about this site and young man today on a friends blog. So now I am spreading the word.

Here is what the site says:
Tom Bassano is inspired by Mark Lunsford who had a daughter the same age as his own. Mark and his daughter Jessica Marie Lunsford, went through a nightmare that no one in there sane mind could ever imagine a horror story beyond a Stephen King novel. Mark picked up the pieces of his shattered life and now spends his time protecting all of the children in the world including his own. The Jessica Lunsford act (or rendition of) has been passed in 33 states as of December 2007.

Tom Bassano is truly giving it his all to raise awareness and funds for child advocacy. In February 2008, he will take the first step of the most important day of his life. He is running from California to Florida in an effort to raise awareness and support to fight, prevent, capture and aid in the post treatment of survivors of child predators. He will run 3000 miles in 90 days from coast to coast to help support organizations to keep our children safe and the building of child advocacy centers across the nation.

Tom doesn't have a lot of money or power and he is not a great speaker. However, Tom is a great runner, so with the help of Patricia Walker of the CACCC and Mark, he will do what he does best. Tom will place his foot on every square foot of ground from California to Florida, coast to coast, as he runs for the innocent

You can go to his site either through the banner on the side of my blog, or through the link in this post.
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