Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Bad mood

I am in a bad mood tonight, and I am not 100% sure why.

It could possibly be because the kids (all 5 of them) were "on it" from the minute I walked in the door. Nothing major, no fights or anything, just they all had their volume set at high or something. I love them all but...


It could be that right now I could get a Dyson at an amazing discount through work (65% off) and we have no money (and I mean NO MONEY) to buy one.


It could possibly be the fact that every time I try to call the HR at the Lowes in Warner Robins to check in about my transfer she is in an interview or on the phone, or out of the building. I have been trying to touch base with her for two weeks now, and had no success. What is aggrevating about that the most part is that they have approved my transfer but I dont know what I am going to be doing, or if I will have a job as soon as we move. Really hard to figure out if I need to be researching preschools for DJ, and to budget if I don't know if I have even a minumum paying job.


It could be that I have applied for what feels like a million jobs up in the Warner Robins area, and have not heard back on a single one. Which makes me feel like I am a looser on the biggest scale. Plus it is frustrating that I am not hearing ANYTHING, not even thank you for your interest in the position but we have filled it with someone more suitable.


It could be the fact that it hit me today that I have a masters degree in education and I have the prospect of working at Lowes for the rest of my life. I love my job, but it is such a waste of what I spent 6 years of my life studying for. And it feels like a waste of all of the experiences that I have had up to this point.

I applied for a promotion at the store I am transfering to in Warner Robins. Which would mean a promise of at least 38 hours a week, and a raise from where I am at now. But it would limit the concept of subbing to promote myself to getting hired to teach next year. So we have a decision to make, do I go in planning on subbing all the time, or do I go for full time with Lowes?

I am signed up for the substitute orientation class at the district up in Warner Robins on the 15th of January. Right now the plan is for me to go to the orientation and then see how many days a week they think I can get subbing before I put in my availablity at Lowes. Or at least that was my thinking before I saw the full time position was up on the job posting website. The job that the HR here recommended me for when he talked to the HR there today. The HR here also recommended me for the HRC position at the store in WR when the spring hiring craze is on, if the HR in WR can convince her store manager that it would be a position worth her sanity (because right now she does not have one).

I am frustrated with the USAJOBS website, this is the website that all government jobs are posted through, which is great. However when you do a search for the location you are interested in, it gives you jobs that have multiple locations to be hired for, so you have no way of knowing if the job you are interested in is really open where you want to be hired at. So for example, if I do a job search for all positions open at Robins and it gives me Physician (yes I know I am not qualified to be a doctor, but work with me here). Then I submit my resume and it takes me to another website to answer a million and one questions about the job. On this new website that comes up it lists practically every Air Force Base on the planet as having an opening for a Physician. So how am I supposed to know if I really have a chance at getting a call about this job?

Speaking of which, I need to find a scanner that I can use to upload my transcripts to my computer to upload them to the USAJOBS website. The cheapy printer I bought this summer didn't have a scanner. UG

Oh and I hate hate hate poinsettias. We have what feels like several thousand in at the store right now, and no where to put them. No I take that back we have places to store them, but we have to pull them every night because it is too cold for them to be out in the nursery. I have no idea why we have so many of them, I don't really see us selling all of them, and so many of them get damaged by having to be moved from table to cart and then back to tables, plus they get easily damaged in the sprinklers its just frustrating.

I still like Christmas Trees, even though we have a ton of them too. I might actually be sad to see all of them go.
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