Friday, July 24, 2009

Can you help fund two projects for my classroom?

I have applied for two Donors Choose projects, and need your help in getting them approved. The first one @ is for our third and fourth grade students have no access to proper playground equipment other than what is bought and paid for by the teachers. The obesity rate of our school is astronomical, and we need more equipment to help combat this problem.

We need soccer balls, goals, and jump ropes to get our students moving during recess, rather than standing around and talking.

Your help will ensure that my students become healthy, active members of our community.

The second one @ is for Small middle Georgia rural school district, in a high need community, with a lack of local resources.
Many of my students do not have completely literate parents that have read to them since infancy. They need to be able to hear the stories that we are reading in class several times, read in a proper accent and at a proper speed.

We need a listening center that we can move between the two 3rd grade classrooms. This center would enable the classroom teacher to work with one group of students, while a second group is listening and reading books on tape/cd.

You will make it possible for my students to learn to love to read, and to become vital members of society. The more my students listen to a story the more they want to read.
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