Sunday, July 12, 2009

Last week we had peekers and Twitter excitment

This week we have explorers.

I would have pictures, except that they are too fast these days. ;) Last night I woke up to Tigger wanting to go out and two of the kittens and the momma cat were in the doorway to DJ's room, the third was exploring the hallway.

I put them all back into the bathroom, but didn't close the door since the other adult cat wasn't in there.

Kelsey got up this morning and could only find 2 of the kittens. After about 2 hours Benjamin (named such because he is curious), came out from under my bed.

Now on to the twitter excitment. Ok so its only exciting if you follow Nascar, so it was exciting to me.

Last night during the race they went to ask Kyle Petty a question, and you could tell that he was eating. So I sent him a message on Twitter asking him if he was eating.

And he actually answered!

kylepetty@scienceesl yes...frys...sorry... from UberTwitter in reply to scienceesl

:) Exciting in the fact that it meant that he was reading his tweets while broadcasting the race, and that he actually took time to answer, little ole me.
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