Friday, July 10, 2009

Rock Eagle Effigy Mound

On the way home from Rutledge and the Sunflower Farm festival on Sunday, DJ and I made a quick pit stop at the Rock Eagle Effigy Mound just outside of Eatonton.

Here is what the site's webpage has to say:

Shaped like a prone bird, the Rock Eagle Mound is a stone effigy. Measuring
eight feet high at the breast and consisting entirely of milky quartz rocks, it
was probably built about 2,000 years ago by Native Americans. Many believe it
was built for religious or ceremonial purposes.

It made for a really nice get out of the car and stretch your legs stop. There were no facilities that I saw, but we only went to the mound and not to any of the 4-H buildings. If you find yourself traveling down Hwy 441, and have the time to stop, its a neat little place to visit. Plus its neat to be able to say that you saw something built over 2,000 years before. :)

From 2009-05-25 memorial day weekend
From 2009-05-25 memorial day weekend

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