Thursday, July 23, 2009

What a day

Today Natalie had a dr appointment to have her toe looked at. She came back from Mississippi with a bump on the side of her big toe that hurt, it took til now for her appointment. The other day she thought she had a thorn in it, so I pulled on it, and it turned out to be a decent sized piece of glass. The doctor did xrays to make sure that it was all out, and put her on antibiotics, we go back on Wednesday so he can look at it again, but will call if there is anything on the xray.

I was finally able to hook up with the travel lady at the clinic, she was on leave when we first got back, then got everything ready so I could come in and file our travel voucher, only to collapse and have emergency surgery around the 1st. She told her replacement to call me to come in and do the paperwork, and they never did. The only problem now was that I took it all to finiance only to be told that we did the form wrong. So I had to refill it out, will have Jerry take it back to her tomorrow for her signature, and then he can turn it in.
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