Friday, July 03, 2009

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**Welcome to Our Life As An Air Force Family! As our title implies our blog is all about our lives with an Air Force dad, Teacher Mom, two teenage girls, and one kindergarten boy!
Short background on our family:
Jerry and I met in Arizona, where I already had Kelsey and we lived with my parents. We got engaged Christmas 1994. Jerry moved to Florida April 1995, and we got married and all three of us moved to Florida in July 1995. Natalie was born in April 1996 at Eglin AFB Florida. June 1997 the Air Force moved us once again to RAF Lakenheaht England, where we were stationed for 8 years. Declan John (DJ) joined our family making it complete July 2004. July 2005 the Air Force moved us back to Eglin AFB in Florida, and in December 2007 they moved us here to Middle Georgia.

This blog is all about the ups and downs of being a military family. How we have dealt with moving and not being able to sell our house, Jerry's health issues, my being out of work for a year during our last move, and every thing in between. Its also a way for our family to keep up with our kids through pictures and words. ***

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