Sunday, July 05, 2009

DJ and Jesse @Celebrate America @Rock Ranch

We had such a good time on Saturday at The Rock Ranch's Celebrate America. Believe it or not this is our last post from that day! It only took a week to show them all! :)

DJ and I had a great time just exploring by ourselves for the first hour or two that we were there, but the day was made even better when we ran into my friend from work C, her husband R, sister B, and nephew Jesse.

I had told C about the event during the week while we were at our inservice and both M and I told her that we thought Jesse would love the whole thing.

If how dirty he was by the time the fireworks rolled around, is an indication of the fun he had, I think I was right! :)

The pictures on here are in backwards order, but blogger doesn't want to let me click and drag to rearrange them.

Playing before the fireworks.

Playing with DJ's Hawks ball while listening to the concert.
Waiting for Mr. R to get Jesse's necklace working

Playing on the playground. DJ was making Jesse a sand castle, because Jesse couldn't quite figure out the mechanics of the shovel.

Working together

Doesn't he just have the cutest face? I need to edit this one and take it to C later this week! (all of these are SOOC)

Told ya he's a daredevil!

Do not ask me what possessed me to get him that duck call. Luckily he has lost it in his room! :)


They had so much fun on this, and were very sad when it was time to get off!

Once again, if you have not had the opportunity to visit The Rock Ranch in The Rock Georgia you simply must go!

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