Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Moving again?????

No not us, not yet.

But over the weekend Jerry brought up a very real possiblity, and its been on my mind since, so I thought I would put it out there!

We were talking about the fact that last week I printed a bunch of the pictures from this last year, and put them up around the house. Thereby actually decorating to an extent this house. Its still not "perfect" or even how I 100% want it to look, but it looks more like we live here.

Then Kelsey started talking about graduation (June '11, for family that wants to know!) She was talking about how its usually on a Saturday here, and usually first thing in the morning.

Jerry told her that knowing our luck she will not be here for graduation. When she looked at him like he was crazy, he mentioned that they have moved a new Master Sgt, and 1 or 2 new Tech Sgts into his shop.

Which puts them extremely NCO heavy, which in turn means that since we have been here for 18 months already, and one of the NCO's that had been here longer has already PCS'd, we/he will be one of the next on the block. The only NCO that I can think of that has been here longer than us at this time is the shop chief, who has applied for a superintendent position in the squadron, which would allow him to stay. I could be wrong but it still gives them 12 months to move them!

As he said, we will go crazy on someone, somewhere if the Air Force says they are sending us back to the Gulf Coast of Florida!

I really hope that all of this will not happen, not this close to Kelsey's graduation from High School, and this close to Jerry's retirement. The only way that it would be acceptable is if they moved us to Luke or DM, and the chances of that happening are 0 to none.
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