Saturday, July 11, 2009

Uncle Remus Museum Eatonton

DJ and my last stop on our whirlwind tour on Sunday was a quick pitstop at the Uncle Remus Musuem in Eatonton.

I really was expecting them to be closed since it was almost 5 on a Sunday Afternoon. However we lucked out, and arrived about 10 minutes before 5, and they were still open.

We were greeted by a darling older gentleman who told us the story of Joel Chandler Harris. Then we were able to explore the small museum and get a feel for what life was like before, and during the Civil War. Trust me if you want to know the history behind Joel Chandler Harris and Uncle Remus, he is the man to meet! His daughter actually "translated" for all intents and purposes one of the modern versions of a couple of the stories.

Believe me if you are ever in the Eatonton area, a quick visit to the Uncle Remus Museum is in order! Plus at $1 a person it can't be beat.

All of the pictures are from outside the museum, as like most you can't take pictures inside.

From 2009-05-25 memorial day weekend

From 2009-05-25 memorial day weekend
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