Thursday, July 14, 2011

Are you in Detroit, have connections in Detroit, or maybe were going through there

Are you in Detroit, have connections in Detroit, or maybe were going through there 
on Monday July 11th? Help out fellow NASATweetup attendee Nicole! 
Nicole Winchester
I Lost My Engagement Ring at Airport - Please help & RT 

Here is the Craigslist ad:

***Reward or price at Pawn/Jewelry story offered, no questions asked.***

I lost my engagement ring enroute from Orlando (MCO) to Toronto (YYZ) on Monday July 11th. I believe I lost it at or around gate B5 at Detroit (DTW) while we were held over due to mechanical error between 9:15 and 11:15 PM on Monday. I was sitting to the right of the gate, to the right of the phone booths in the second set of seats. It likely slipped from my finger or grasp while I was sitting there. I was flying on Delta flight 3872.

It is also possible it was lost between 12:30 and 2:00 at gate 73 in Orlando (MCO), however I noticed it was gone on the flight from Detroit to Toronto.

The ring is one of a kind, designed for me with the diamonds from my mother's first engagement ring, which she gave to me because my husband and I couldn't afford to buy one for me at the time. We had them reworked into the ring in the picture attached. It doesn't match my (also pretty cheap) wedding band, and it isn't worth a lot - but it means everything to me and I'm sick over the fact that I lost it. I'm afraid to tell my mother, and I honestly feel like the worst person in the world. It's not only symbolic of my relationship, but also of my mom's total amazingness.

I know it's just an item, but it's one of the only items in this life that I actually give a damn about. Anyone who returned this to me would be considered forever a friend, as anyone who would care enough to make to effort to help me would be the kind of person I'd want to be my friend.

I've attached a picture of the ring. If you are a pawn or cash-for-gold shop and you see this ring, please contact me, I will buy it back in cash. If you see this ring, please contact me and let me know where, I will pay for information. If you have the ring, I will pay a cash reward for it. I lost my ring and I just really really want it back.

Please email: whitegoldringsearch at gmail dot com

It's a thick white gold band, with six small diamonds banded in a 'v' shape with gold and one at the 'top' banded with gold. Inside, 'Forever' is engraved in capitals. You probably won't see another ring like it. The diamonds are likely not of any significant grade.

Please pass this around to anyone you know who works in airports, who works as a gate agent, cleaner or airport security, who works for or owns a pawn shop, cash for gold shop or similar, or anyone who travels a lot through these airports. If you work in any of these places and could print this out and post it in your workplace, I would be forever grateful. If you saw this on Twitter, a retweet would be sincerely appreciated. If you can spread the word in some way, please do. Thank you.

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