Tuesday, July 05, 2011

NasaTweetup who's who list

As of an email agenda that we got here are some of the people that we will have the privileged of  hearing from on Thursday!

@NASA team member John Yembrick

 Bill Gerstenmaier, associate administrator for Space Operations Mission Directorate, NASA Headquarters (NASA TV starts http://www.ustream.tv/nasatelevision)
Elmo, Sesame Street (@SesameStreet)
 STS-109 and STS-125 AstronautMike Massimino (@Astro_Mike)
Tracy Thumm (@ISS_Research
Justin Kuglerm (@ISS_NatLab), International Space Station Program, NASA's Johnson Space Center
 Angie Brewer, space shuttle Atlantis' flow director, Kennedy Space Center

Astronaut Tony Antonelli, STS-119, STS-132

 Bob Crippen, STS-1, STS-7, STS-41C, STS-41G
Lt. Col. Patrick Barrett, 45th Weather Squadron, U.S. Air Force

PLUS! We will get to:
Watch: Robotic Refueling Mission demonstration

Group picture beside the countdown clock

Tweetup participants (assembled along the road across from the Launch Control Center) wave to the crew as they drive by in the astrovan on their way to the launch pad

Launch Pad 39A to view the retraction of the Rotating Service Structure

Tour of NASA's Kennedy Space Center, including visits to the Apollo Saturn V Center and the Vehicle Assembly Building and a drive by the Launch Control Center, Mobile Launch Platform and Orbiter Processing Facility.

Visit the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Center.

It is going to be a jam packed two days, and I can hardly wait!!!!

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