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NASCAR Tweetup Proposal

I sent this to Fan Feedback, Fan Council and also to the general comment section of the International Speedway Corporation, as well as posting this here. Maybe someone that has the power to implement my idea will take it and run with it. 

Dear Sirs,
I am writing to you to submit a proposal for your consideration on NASCAR Tweetups. If my proposal is considered viable by NASCAR, I would like to be given special consideration for attending said Tweetups, and mention that the program was my idea. I would love to be a member of the team that plans, and implements the tweetup events.
If you have any questions please contact me by the listed methods. 

NASCAR Outreach Proposal
Patricia L. Cleveland

Jeffersonville, GA 31044

In the last several years there has been quite a few disgruntled NASCAR fans who are not shy in voicing their opinions on what is wrong with the sport, and how they think it should be fixed. NASCAR has an image problem currently and my proposal if enacted upon at various tracks would go a long way in helping to improve NASCAR’s image.

The concept: Take Jeff Gluck’s NASCAR Tweetups and expands upon them, to give fans a real feel of the NASCAR world and what it really takes to run NASCAR.

The model: Proposal is modeled after the success of NASATweetups.

The proposal:
NASCAR and the track publish a registration window on Twitter, and approximately 3 weeks prior to race weekend. The registration should specifically target track local (within 100-150 mile distance), twitter users and bloggers, with being a twitter user being a must, a blogger being another consideration.

NASCAR/track randomly selects 25-75 local Twitter users to join the NASCAR team at the track for the race weekend (preferably smaller to start with, and as the event proves to be successful it can grow). NASCAR will verify that the registered person selected:
a.       Is a twitter user
b.      Is a blogger (this is an optional item, however it is believed that a blogger could promote NASCAR in a positive light longer than just on Twitter)
c.       Lives within 150 miles of the track (this also could be an optional item, however it is believed that if the user is local, this will help both the track and NASCAR reach more people in the local area)
The twitter users would be required to provide their own:
a.       Transportation
b.      Lodging
c.       Meals
NASCAR/track would provide to the Twitter users:
a.       Tickets for all events held at the track for the weekend
b.      Hot passes (cold passes?)
c.       Tours
d.      Meet and greets/question and answer sessions
e.      “Backstage” escorted access to various events held on the race weekend.
f.        Restricted “Media” accreditation for Twitter users
g.       “Resting/Gathering” place (tent, conference room) for Twitter users, that has access to WiFi, chairs, tables, television monitors, audio equipment.
h.      Recruiting volunteer owners/drivers/crew members to come and speak with the tweetup attendees
i.         Recruiting “swag” from teams/sponsors/drivers, as well as NASCAR swag
The Twitter users/bloggers would agree to:
a.       Tweet about the events throughout the entire weekend, in order to give other twitter users a look into NASCAR
b.      Agree to allow NASCAR/Tracks permission to use their names, twitter handles, pictures (both of them and taken by them) for promotion of events.
c.       Blog about the events
d.      Be understanding if events/scheduled appearances are changed due to the nature of commitments of drivers, owners, sponsors, etc.
e.      Attend all tweetup events
f.        Abide by all tweetup rules/regulations/guidelines

A typical NASCAR Tweetup would include:
1.       Tweetup invitees check into the event and receive Swag, passes, tickets, etc.
2.       Greeting by NASCAR official that is officiating the event
3.       Tweetup attendees introduce themselves to one another
4.       3-4 Question and answer sessions with a volunteer owners/drivers/crew members preferably one from each level of racing that is happening that weekend at the track (more if able)
5.       PR people for NASCAR/Teams/Drivers question and answer sessions
6.       Practice/qualifying sessions
7.       Tech inspection tour, with explanations about each step of the process by NASCAR official
8.       Track behind the scenes tour
9.       Pit Road Tour
10.   Prerace activities for all races at the track that weekend
11.   Garage tour, with NASCAR officials explaining how everything is laid out in the garage and why it is important for that track to be laid out that way
12.   The “education and science” involved in NASCAR session, in this session someone would come in and talk to the group about the different education levels of the people that make up NASCAR, and explain the banking, engines etc in NASCAR in laymen’s terms. Then answer the groups questions.
13.   Attending all races at the track for the weekend

Sponsors, Owners, Drivers and crew members would be notified of all events regarding the tweetup, and encouraged to participate, interact with the tweetup attendees as much as possible. The ones that can commit to spending even 15 minutes interacting, participating in a question and answer session would be asked to let the Tweetup director know so that they could be put on the agenda, all others would be invited to stop by the tweetup area, or to talk to members as they are able.

Where to begin, suggested Tweetup sites in no particular order:
                Las Vegas
As the event grows and succeeds the tweetups can be held at every race weekend, with the support of the sponsors and owners. 
Patty Cleveland
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