Monday, July 04, 2011

Just my luck.... Nasatweetup

Well gee wiz isn't this just my luck? On the way home from the fireworks last night, our trailblazer's waterpump went out. And guess which car I had planned on taking to Florida?

Jerry is attempting to fix it with the neighbor's help right now, but to be safe I have arranged for a rental car.

Good news is though that the truck broke less than 3 miles from home, rather than 300 like it could have!

This time tomorrow I should be in Florida!!! Tomorrow night I will stop and see my former student Matt and have dinner with him, then Wednesday I will head down to Kennedy to get my Tweetup badge!!!

I am so excited to get to see Matt, and finally meet face to face with my friend Andi Lee!!! Plus my new 150 best friends! :)

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