Friday, July 29, 2011

UGH And This Is Why I Dislike the Atlanta Airport

Dear Atlanta Hartsfield Jackson Airport,
Your customer service personnel working the parking garage needs some serious training, and the person running the arrivals board needs to learn what on-time arrival, really means.

Tonight I drove from our home south east of Macon to pick up our daughter as she flew in from LA, via Phoenix. Prior to leaving home I checked her flight status (already knowing the flight out of Phoenix was late, I just needed to check the new arrival time. Scheduled arrival 7:07 pm, new arrival time, 7:45 pm.

I arrived at the airport at about 7:30pm, parked my car and went to the arrivals hall and looked at the arrivals board. According to the arrivals board, Kelsey's flight was an on-time arrival. HOW COULD IT BE ON TIME, when it was already 30 minutes late? I mean really if I didn't know that it was late and I saw that on the board I would have been in a panic.

When we went to leave the parking garage, there were multiple problems. One of the pay machines was out of service. Then we went to go out gates, and there are multiple problems there.
1. a car was stuck at the gate, with its hazard lights on, so everyone has to go into one lane.
2. the lane we all went into started having problems and would not read the tickets, except every 5th or 6th time you tried to put it in the machine.
3. the woman (a VERY RUDE woman) who works for the parking garage, instead of helping me when it was my turn ordered me to BACK UP MY CAR into the on coming traffic and go into the other lane, because this lane is broken. BUT she would not assist me in backing into on coming traffic, nor would she indicate to the on coming traffic that indeed there was a reason why I had my reverse lights on, nor did she put a cone in the lane to indicate to others that the lane was broken or even turn off the light to close the lane. So once I got into the cashier's lane, there were other poor souls who went through the exact same hassle (minus the rude woman, in person, instead I guess they had the intercom person telling them they had to change lanes).

I was not impressed with my experiences tonight, that is for sure.

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