Friday, July 08, 2011

Fw: STS-135 PAO Update -- "Go" For Tanking, Weather Remains 30% chance of favorable weather



Courtesy of Kennedy PAO:


Fueling of space shuttle Atlantis's external fuel tank is set to begin on time at NASA's Kennedy Space Center at approximately 2:01 a.m. EDT. The launch team will closely monitor the weather throughout the process. Weather remains at a 30 percent chance of favorable weather for liftoff at 11:26 a.m. Teams are not working any issues that would delay the launch.



Friday July 8

EDT             EVENT

12:01 am      Countdown enters 2-hr hold at the T-6 hour mark

1:30 am        Tanking weather briefing (full MMT not required)

1:50 am        NASA TV: External Tank fueling coverage begins

2:01 am        Countdown resumes at T-6 hr mark

·                                 External Tank loading begins (transfer line "chilldown")

2:46 am        Liquid Hydrogen Low Level Cutoff (LLCO) sensors go "wet"

3:01 am        Liquid Hydrogen "fast fill" begins

3:31 am        APU test/service line htr cycles begin (tanking start +1.5 hrs)

4:01 am        APU fuel line heater cycles begin (tanking start + 2 hrs)

4:16 am        LH2 "topping" begins (gaseous Hydrogen vent valve cycling)

4:30 am        Crew wake up

5:00 am        Crew final medical exams

5:01 am        Countdown enters 2½ -hr hold (T-3 hr mark)

·                                 ET in stable replenish

·                                 Closeout Crew to White Room

·                                 Final Inspection Team (FIT) "walkdown"

5:30 am        Ascent Team on console in Mission Control

5:40 am        Crew breakfast table photo op (taped for playback later)

5:45 am        Crew breakfast


6:56 am        Crew receives weather brief from Ascent Team

7:06 am        Crew suits up for launch

7:31 am        Countdown resumes at the T-3 hour mark

7:36 am        Crew departs Ops & Checkout Building for launch pad 39A

8:00 am        Mission Management Team on console

8:06 am        Crew begins to board Atlantis

8:26 am        T-38 weather recon takeoff (Astronaut Rick Sturckow)

9:21 am        Atlantis' hatch is closed and latched for launch

9:36 am        Transoceanic Abort Landing weather aircraft takeoff

9:41 am        Shuttle Training Aircraft takeoff (Sturckow)

10:11 am      Countdown enters a 10-minute hold at the T-20 minute mark

·                                 Firing Room computer programs verified

·                                 Landing convoy status check

·                                 Abort landing sites checked

·                                 Inertial Measurement Unit preflight alignment verified

·                                 Preps for computer software transition to terminal count

10:21 am      Countdown resumes at the T-20 minute mark

10:32 am      Countdown enters an ~45-min. hold at the T-9 minute mark

·               MMT conducts final "Go-No Go" poll for launch

11:17:46 am Countdown resumes at the T-9 minute mark

11:19:16 am Orbiter Access Arm (OAA) retract (T-7:30 min)

11:20:46 am Verify Auxiliary Power Units (APU) ready to start (T-6 min)

11:21:46 am Auxiliary Power Unit start (T-5 min)

11:21:46 am Launch window opens

11:21:51 am Liquid Oxygen replenish terminate (T-4:55 min)

11:22:46 am Purge Sequence 4 hydraulic test (T-4 min)

11:22:46 am Inertial Measurement Units to inertial (T-4 min)

11:22:51 am Flight Control Surface profile test (T-3:55 min)

11:23:16 am Main Engine profile test (T-3:30)

11:23:51 am LO2 tank pressurization (T-2:55 min)

11:23:56 am Gaseous Oxygen Vent Hood retraction (T-2:50 min)

11:24:11 am Fuel Cells to internal reactants (T-2:35 min)

11:24:16 am Clear caution and warning memory (T-2:30 min)

11:24:46 am Crew closes visors & initiates O2 flow (T-2 min)

11:24:49 am Liquid Hydrogen tank pressurization (T-1:57 min)

11:25:06 am Solid Rocket Booster joint heater deactivation (T-1:40 min)

11:25:56 am Atlantis to internal power (T-50 sec)

11:26:15 am Onboard computers take control of countdown (T-31 sec)

11:26:25 am Solid Rocket Booster steering test (T-21 sec)

11:26:37 am KSC ground commanding removed by GLS (T-9 sec)

11:26:39 am Main Engine start (T-6.6 sec)

11:26:46 am LAUNCH (ISS 232 miles up / east of Christchurch, NZ)

11:29:01 am End Aerodynamically Sensitive Transport Time (ASTT)

11:31:47 am Launch window closes (Flight Day 3 rendezvous)

11:35:10 am Main Engine Cutoff (MECO) commanded (+8:24)

11:35 16 am Zero thrust – orbit is 135.7/35.7 statute miles (+8:30)

11:42 am      APU/Hydraulic shutdown (~MET 15 min)

11:50 am      NASA TV: Launch Replays

11:52 am      APU heater tank/fuel line/water sys 1B, 2B, 3B

cockpit switches to "auto" (~MET 25 min)

12:06 pm      OMS 2 Burn – target 141.5/97.8 statute miles

12:30 pm      NASA TV: Post launch news conference

12:51 pm      Payload Bay Door opening

2:30 pm        NASA TV: Ascent Flight Control Team video playback

3:06 pm        NC1 Rendezvous Burn (~ MET 3:40)

3:26 pm        Group B Powerdown

5:56 pm        Remote Manipulator System (robot arm) checkout

6:41 pm        External Tank crew handheld video downlink

7:56 pm        Crew sleep

9:00 pm        NASA TV: Launch day highlights


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