Friday, July 08, 2011

Rain Rain, GO AWAY!! We want Atlantis to come out to play!!!! #nasatweetup

The only way that you don't know about the rain here on the Space Coast today, is if you have been living in a hole all day. Because the world press is all over this story. We have had rain, ALL DAY LONG! It started this morning on our drive down to Kennedy and other than a few minutes here and there, it literally has not let up. There was about 10 minutes where you could not see the Vehicle Assembly Building from the Tweetup tent, and yesterday, I could see it from at least 10 miles away, today, we were less than a mile.

Rain within 20 nautical miles of Kennedy, means no launch tomorrow. Which is not a good thing! They are predicting that we have less than a 40% chance of a launch tomorrow, but 60% on Saturday and 70% on Sunday. Hopefully they will make a decision tonight at about 1:30 to either go, or no go for tomorrow. We have heard if they call off the tanking, that makes the decision happen tonight, for a Saturday launch. Selfishly I either want them to say at 1:30 not to tank, and wait 24 hours, or that we are a go at 11:26 AM!

Ok so I started this post last night, right now at 6:27 am we are green for go!
This is yesterday, the VAB is about 1 mile away from the tweent, and you can usually see it very well. Not so much yesterday at lunch time.


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