Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year

Happy New Year one and all. I had a lovely evening last night. I went out to dinner with my friend R from work. We went to McGuire's and sat and talked for quite a while.
Then I went over to L and J's for a bonfire/party to ring in the new year. It was a group from the store here, that all thought I was already gone, so it was a nice surprise for them. Of course I felt like I was inviting myself when I called L to see if they were still having the party. L and R were talking about it before Christmas, and I was invited then, but was planning on being gone already. So yesterday afternoon I called L at home and just asked if they were still getting together and if she minded that I dropped by. I made the cookies that I had bought on Christmas eve for the kids to make, that didn't get made and took those, as well as some Watermellon Ice.
I was not planning on staying until Midnight, and I was not planning on drinking more than one or two, but T offered to drive me home if I wanted, so I took him up on it (and even then I only had 3). I didn't drink enough to really need a ride, but I am not stupid enough to think that the unthinkable wont happen. Good thing too, since we counted 7 police cars on our journey, and its only about 5 miles from here to there.
I hope everyone had as wonderful an evening as I did, if it was out with friends, snuggled on the couch with your honeybunny, or asleep in bed.
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