Wednesday, November 07, 2007

I don't even know where to start this post. I am so frustrated with the entire Air Force and all of the crap it isnt even funny!

Two weeks ago, Jerry went in to see the shirt about getting his advance pay for our move, because we are broke, beyond broke, even. The shirt asked what was going on, why were we hurting so bad for money. Jerry informed him that we were paying for him to live in Billeting there, while having our house here for the kids and I to live in, that I had not been hired on to teach this year, because my old principal took it upon herself to tell people that we had orders to Georgia, etc.

The shirt then informed DH that he could have moved into the dorms back in JULY, and not had us lose our housing allowance. UM EXCUSE ME? That is not what he was told by fiance. The shirt said that the policy had changed in July, and he should have been notified. But he never was. The last he heard (back in July) was that if he moved into the dorms we would loose the $1,300 a month for our housing.

The shirt approved his advance pay, and filled out the form for DH to move into the dorms. When Jerry took the forms to finace they looked at him like he was an idiot. The people in Fianace at Keesler, knew nothing about the fact that he could move into the dorms! The kid in fianace told him, you move to the dorm, your wife looses her housing allowance. Jerry said no, this is what the shirt said, so fix it.


Jerry waited until after the past weekend to move into the dorms, JIC someone screws up and pulls our housing allowance. Which with all of the other problems with this cross training, it would not suprise me.

Then this weekend we get a response from the senator. The Air Force is basically saying that we "knew" that we would not loose our housing allowance, and that he stayed in Billeting on his own, because we had a housing waiver. Which is not the truth, but it is going to become a he said/she said situation.

I need to sit down and write a response to them and address all of the problems, but I know it wont help. And right now I am still so ticked off over it all I will end up using a bunch of inappropriate language in it.

We are so broke, its not even funny. I dont know how we are going to rent a place in Georgia when we get there. I dont know how we are going to pay our mortgage once we do move. I have already applied to the school district up there, but I can't apply to the school on base until we have orders, which they keep dragging thier feet on.

I don't even know what way to turn anymore. I am so frustrated with life, it isnt even funny. I am ready to cry, and have been on the verge of it for a couple of weeks now. No one seems to understand or care what we have been going through, they (Air Force wise) basically keep turning it around as being our fault that this has all happened. I am so done with it all.


Ok I feel better now that I have gotten that all off my chest.

On other news, DJ fell asleep last night like this:
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I was able to get him a bunch of clothes for next summer at Walmart for $2.00 each, plus two track suits for $7.00 each for this fall/winter. I got the girls a couple of shirts, and Natalie a pair of pants all on clearance as well. While I didnt intend on spending the money, I couldnt pass up the sale at those prices.

I had a meeting at Natalie's school today about her grades. We have two options, we can either switch her class to a smaller class, or we can wait and see what happens. Natalie wants to go with the wait and see approach, but I am going to email her teacher and see what she suggests. The school gets to me in that they don't notify parents when the child is failing, or having problems. Which SOOOOO Goes against everything that I have been taught, and would personally do as a teacher. Goodness knows I spent many an hour on the phone or email to parents when a child starts struggling, either with grades or behavior. But this school thinks that just because the grades are online they are doing their part. I find that totally unresponsible of them, and have told the principal this before, but it didnt change anything then, so I know complaining now will not do any good. Just know if you have students here in NW Florida, do not expect parent communication to be a big deal. Not even if you are proactive in it.

I haven't been double posting this week to my 360 page like I thought I would. I meant to, and then forgot about it. I guess I should go over there and post to each of the people on my friends list that they can find me here instead.
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