Monday, November 19, 2007

Turning Niki into a southerner one step at a time.

The other week Niki saw Fried Green Tomatos in the freezer section of the grocery store, and decided that she wanted to try them.

Now I have never tried them either, and I have been married to a man from Mississippi for 12 years. But that said Jerry doesn't crave them, and I am not sure that he even likes them, so we have never had them at a meal that I can remember (or maybe I was too chicken to eat them).

Tonight I made a meal that would make my MIL (well before she got on her latest health kick) proud! I made baked chicken (I was too lazy to fry it), hashbrowns, rolls, and fried green tomatos! :insertcheeseygrinhere: I don't particularly care for the tomatos, but Niki seemed to love them.

Today I had a very productive day off of work. I filled out and submitted 8 job applications for jobs in Georgia, applied on line for 2 teaching jobs in Macon, and mailed off intrest letters and resumes to two other places that had information on the newspaper's website (Macon's). Pray for me that one of these pans out.

DJ and I also stopped by work to get my schedule for next week, and I am now scheduled for 41 hours starting Saturday. I was supposed to be off on Saturday, but tis is one of the guys weekend with his son so he needed Saturday off, and all of the days I have to work are day shifts during the week, which he can't do (he works a real job on base). W isn't worried about my going over. I just am hoping that I get the 1st off, or else I will be really grouchy by then. Oh and Lowes gave all of the employees a holiday bonus. :rollingeyes: A whole whopping $35, LOL but I shouldnt complain, it is a bonus. Plus we get bigger discounts for 2 weeks, so that is something. Too bad we are flat a$$ broke, so we can't enjoy the discount.

Jerry is upset with me. My plan for this week had been to go up to his mom's tomorrow night and then drive down to Keesler on Wednesday morning for graduation. Well I have to teach online tomorrow night, plus I didn't realize how long of a drive it really was from his mom's to Keesler. I had it in my head that it was an hour and a half at the most, when it is almost 200 miles. I really dont want to do that much driving, plus turn around on Thursday and come home, because I have to work on Friday at 7. I talked to the girls about it, and they were ok with missing graduation, but Jerry was MAD, mad enough to where I was MAD at him while we were discussing it, and wanted to throw my cell phone across Lowes (we were talking while I was in there to check my schedule.) :sigh: I know he wanted the girls there, but that is a lot of driving, plus I would have to sort out teaching. His mom still has dial up, and our wireless router that we bought for these situations will not work there because they do not have Verizon service in the area (GRRRRRR). I suppose I could find an internet cafe or something and do it that way, but we are talking about hick town Mississippi, and I am not sure they have such things anywhere near his mom's. I may try to do it anyway, because I know he wants them there. It depends on how tired I am tomorrow after work.
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