Monday, November 26, 2007

Tip for all of the crafty type people out there

At our Lowes, and I am guessing most Lowes you can take the tree trimmings for free. For example off of most of the trees that I have cut in the last 3 days I have had to cut off anywhere from 3-6 branches on the bottom of the tree. We just take these branches and put them into a boxed pallet. You can take these trimmings for free to decorate your house, or turn into your own handmade wreath, if you are so inclined.

You can also collect the stumps that we have cut off the trees, if you are so inclined. I gathered all of them from Friday and Saturday to take to the preschool. When I taught 2nd grade, and when I taught preschool we used the stumps to make snowmen (lots more work on my part with the preschool group, than the 2nd grade group obviously). You can also make ornaments out of them with the little kids. :)

All you have to do is ask the garden center when you go in if you can get them. In our case we are encouraging people to take them, because waste not want not.

I don't think I will be cutting very many trees today, it is POURING down rain here. And has been since about midnight, I think Jerry said we had 4 inches of rain when he went out to check the rain gauge about an hour ago. Winter hurricane is what it looks like out my front window right now. It is raining hard enough that it is hard enough that it is hard to see the neighbor house across the street.

I woke up this morning to Jerry and Kelsey arguing over her cleaning up a mess before she left for the bus, and then he ended up driving her to school anyway. (insert rolling eyes here). What a way to start Jerry's birthday. The kids had gotten used to him not being home and are not sure how to act exactally with him home again, for a long period of time. And just about the time that they will get used to having him around he will be off to Georgia to house hunt, then about the time that we get used to living just as a family in one place how much do you want to bet that he will be off to parts unknown with the military?

I just saw an ad for a movie that I want to see, like actually see in the movie theater, it looks that funny. P.S. I love you.

The name of the movie has too many memories in it for me, to many other things that it means, to many statements made by people that ended in disappointment. It is one of those things that will always be hard to hear, or see in writing. It has been a while but the hurt is still fresh enough to have that statement hurt. Weird, you think you are over something, and a statement like that opens it back up. The mind does strange things, now doesn't it?

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