Thursday, November 08, 2007

I have been sitting here for the last 30 minutes or so debating about what I was going to post about today. So I think that this is going to be a lot of rambling. Ok so what else is new?

I guess I could start by letting you know that Lowes is running a deal this weekend (until the 12th) that if you buy $50 or more you get a $10 off coupon for your next visit, good until the 21st of November. But please note that you only get one per purchase, so you dont get 3 if you buy $150 worth of stuff. Sorry Charlie (yes, I had a customer today named Charlie who asked that.)

Also for you military ID card holders you can get 10% off this weekend buy showing your id at Lowes as you check out.

So not too bad of a deal between the two of them. I am sharing because I heard from a few customers that they had not advertised these deals, but hey it makes Christmas decorations a little less expensive. Too bad military payday isnt until next week.

Today at work we got in the first shipment of live Christmas trees. They were the ones in pots, but still it was a sap and needle fest trying to get them all out where they needed to go. My sweatshirt now smells like pinesol, and I was running around singing "Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree!" Too bad that was the only words to the song I could remember at the time. Oh that and "Jingle Bells, Batman Smells, Robin laid an egg! The Batmoblie Lost a Wheel, and The Joker got AWAY!!!!"

Yes I am sure the customers thought I had lost my mind, and I am not sure I have found it yet. But it was fun, and it was putting me in the Christmas spirit, which I have had a hard time finding this year with all of the problems we have been having. I think I have decided that we are going to do for a Christmas Tree this year. We can get one of those little potted Christmas Trees!! It will be little, but with the move and the 4 dogs, 5 kids, and 4 adults living in one house (oh plus Bear will be here for Christmas) it will be the best thing me thinks!

After work I had to run down to the base to pick up refills on meds for DJ and myself, so while we were down there we went to the BX. I was able to pick up a jacket for Natalie, waterproof boots for myself (the freezing temps, and waterlogged tennis shoes do not equal a happy Patty), 3 pairs of footie pjs and one pair of Thomas the Tank engine pjs (which he is wearing to bed tonight) for DJ, and a sketch pad for Kelsey. Everyone was happy (Kelsey could have been more happy if the BX would have sold pastels, and charcols but she was out of luck there.)

The only down fall to this trip is that I had the sub line calling the house number, and the kids could not find my pin number, they called me trying to get it, but they were not fast enough and the computer hung up on them. So I came home and went on the web page and changed that, so now it calls my cell phone. Solves that problem! And Happy Happy Joy Joy, the sub line just called, and I am subbing out in the toolies tomorrow. Its an English class, so that should be fun, and something that I am used to. Hopefully I remember where I am going to check in, since I have only been to this particular school once before. I am sure that I will have fun stories to share tomorrow night.

On the subject of subbing, I am kind of worried. I emailed the person in charge of subs up in Georgia about the next orientation date, and I have not heard back from them. After all of the dissapointments that I have had this school year with interviews (thinking I had a good interview, and then not getting even a nibble as far as a job went), and non-interview, subbing and non-subbing I am just anxious and over thinking the fact that I have not heard back yet I guess its not a huge deal, since we will not be up there until January (at least to where I could sub). However it would be nice to be able to go to the orientation in December if they offer one, so that I could start subbing as soon as we get there. . I guess I will give it until the middle of next week, and if I have not heard back I will call the person to see when the next orientation is.

Ok I am off to teach on-line, Pat is watching DJ for me, since this is a session that I nominated myself to work, and when I got home tonight there was an email saying I had the session.
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