Tuesday, November 27, 2007

What a day

My brother Matt is in the hospital in Phoenix. He was bit by a cat on Friday, and by Saturday had to go to the ER from the bites being infected. When I talked to him this morning he was waiting to go for an MRI, but I have heard from Angela that he is STILL waiting to go in for surgery. So not impressed. Since at about 5 our time he was supposedly on his way in to surgery. The poor guy hasnt eaten since yesterday because of the wait, so I am sure he is grumpy. So if you can spare a thought or two for him, I would appreciate it.

I went to a Lowes movie night tonight with two of the guys from work, the one's fiancee, and the other one's son. We watched Jeff Dunham's second comedy central special. Watching that sooooo explains so much about the guys that I work with. They quote him on a daily basis. I was laughing so hard at points I was crying. And some times it seemed timed perfect that I would take a drink and he would say something so over the top I had to keep from spitting water all over the place.
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